Modul A10 - Cluster Savanah

The LATEST Cluster is located in Greenland Residence (Bukit Cimanggu City). Located in North Bogor, the region is growing rapidly & has bright prospects. Supported by more than a few housing projects and a fairly dense population area. Bukit Cimanggu City is the largest and most complete housing in North Bogor with high commitment and being the best. Bukit Cimanggu City Housing is the best choice for today's ideal housing. Bukit Cimanggu City is located in a strategic area, easily accessible through several accesses.

Cluster’s Selling Point
  • High contour with mountain view. Mount Salak, Mount Pangrango and Mount Pancar.Row of wide road at least 8 meters.
  • Minimalist modern house design with 4 meters high ceiling.
  • Green trees adorn the boulevard area with a combination of classic scripture pillars and lights from the park.

Type of Houses
  • Type Cherry, LB/LT : 36/78 (6x13M)
  • Type Mapple, LB/LT : 45/90 (6x15M)

  • Alfian Faiz


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Created Nov 30, 2018 Bukit Cimanggu City, Bogor
Period   Jan/2019 ~ Dec/2019

ROI   15.0%

Rp15,756,400,000 of Rp19,699,735,615 goal

80% Raised by 1 Investment Projects